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Giavonn Fountain
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This is one of the best after school programs in the area. Not only do they teach Taekwondo. They teach the students to strive to be their very best. My son has been in the program for a few months and I already see improvements in his focus. A++++

Ashley Harris
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I really appreciate that the instructors at UFT honestly pay attention to what each student needs and instructs accordingly. They also really do incorporate the traditional teachings of discipline and respect, and they do a very fine job of it. The classes are very fun and engaging, too! The instructors balance a great sense of humor and strictness very well.

Sonia Park
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My daughters go here for after-school (supervised homework time + Taekwondo classes) and they love the teachers and instructors. They balance discipline and fun, most importantly you can see they really care about each of their student.
We just had a Birthday party there too, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Honestly, well above my expectations. Bunch of instructors came out to lead a very well-organized, fun party with games, Taekwondo kicks, and more.. keeping kids entertained and parents amused.
Would highly recommend!!

CaRRion 621
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We’ve been coming here for over 5 years. Awesome after school program plus they pick up the kids at several schools locally. I am, now, a proud father of a 9 year old and 11 year old 1st degree black belt in the WORLD TAEKWONDO organization. I recommend this school highly. Grand Master Lee and his son Master Daniel with Master Kim are the BEST instructors and role models who kids need in developing the skills to becoming great individuals.

C Lee
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UFT teachers are great and make class fun and kid friendly. The teachers really try to connect with students and teach valuable lessons outside of class. My son has become more respectful, focused, and confident in these past few months. My son looks forward to class every week. It is a bit of a drive for us, but worth the time! Highly recommend!

Maxwell Hunter
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The name says it all. I enrolled my son when he turned 5 years old. At the time, I wanted to find a school that could help further his values (integrity, discipline, respect, honor) while also learning to defend himself. I have found that United Family has provided this and so much more. The instructors are very knowledgeable in the art of Taekwondo of course but it amazed me how well they translate this to children. They are firm but very loving and instruct in a way that the kids truly learn and thrive. In the year that my son has attended this school (class and after school) it is clear to me that United Family has already had a lasting impact on his life and how he views the world around him

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